Program Focus & Benefits:

The Mindful Mind provides...

a Mindful approach to Self-Help & Well-being; 

 by empowering individuals with knowledge and experience!

Coaching, Classes and Workshops

Help balance the  Mind & Body wIth your Self, Soul & Psyche;

using Experiential Process Work and Expressive Healing Arts, Psychoeducation, 

visuals and images, music, movement and more!

Connect with Mental, Physical and Emotional parts of your Self to establish Balance;

working to integrate and operate as a more Cohesive Whole. 

Discover  new ways to learn and grow, utilizing your own resources, 

fueled by the unique power of You!

Activate & Operate your Whole Self!

Work to suspend judgement and expectation, 

restore balance, motivate and empower your Self!

                              Increase Self-esteem, reduce Stress and increase energy                                         and  enthusiasm for life!

This work benefits:

Mindful Self-Awareness

Stress Reduction

Self Empowerment

Personal Growth

….And more!